How does facebook determine “orderedfriends” in source code?

How Does Facebook Determine Orderedfriends In Source Code how does facebook determine quot ordere 33 – is the quot orderedfriends quot listed on facebook source are the people that view my profile the most or the ones that i how does facebook determine orderedfriends in source code

I`ve *heard* that it`s ranked by who interacts with you the most, not who you interact with the most. But I don`t have anything to back that up. I`m curious as well

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It`s a big pile of crap that the person you interact with the most is shown on your left sidebar, because I ONLY have 26 friends, the only people I talk to are my sister and my cousin and they are NEVER shown on my sidebar…

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As of late 2010, TWC has opted to turn off the auxiliary inputs in its cable boxes. They claim that in the future they may reprogram the boxes to support this input, but at the moment there are no plans to do so. This is a major inconvenience for those of us with multiple game or video systems.

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It seems to be people who have clicked on your links/viewed your profile and people who you have interacted with recently (not necessarily talked with) if you liked something on your stream that they posted or clicked on a picture they posted they will start popping up in your left side bar.

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How does facebook determine “orderedfriends” in source code?

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