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by : admin on March 23, 2013
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Applications For Cherry Mobile W7 - Application Icon Free Download to download games on cherry mobile w7 just go on any brownser search quot cherry mobile w7 application downloads quot and check the link below and check your applications for cherry mobile w7 - application icon free download

Welcome to Ask Me Fast! Hi there! You can install Java games by downloading a JAR (Java Archive) file onto your computer and transferring it to your cell phone. You should then be able to play Java games by accessing the JAR files through your cell phone. If your Cherry Mobile handset is an Android phone you can easily get a pack of free games from the official Google Android market by connecting your phones via WiFi or via wap. Just click the MARKET Icon from your apps list while your phone is connected from the internet. Please check your manual if your phone supports java. Head your browsers to (sites below) to get your desired games: - - - NOTE: Cherry Mobile is not yet added from their phones list, so if any from these websites ask your phone model. Just type: Nokia 2700 classic. Download the .JAR files and save it from your computer. Connect your Cherry Mobile phone to your computer via USB, and transfer the .JAR to your phones memory card Go to your Cherry Mobile Phones File Manager, or Folder browser then browser your SDcard for the downloaded .JAR file. Install the .JAR by executing it from your Cherry Mobile phone If your handset doesn`t have an embedded File manager, you will need to install Fexplorer to be able to transfer the data to your mobile. Java applications are known to have the file extensions .JAD and .JAR, and you can install either of them, but not both. However, bear in mind that there are certain models that only support .JAR file types. After downloading the desired application onto your PC you can transfer it to your phone, using Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard. You can also use any other third-party software compatible with whatever OS your computer is running. The idea is to make a Bluetooth connection between the phone and the PC. The phone will receive the file under the form of a message that you can choose to save (if it`s a music or an image file) or install (if it`s Java compatible). Open the newly arrived message and choose to install the application (game) that you just sent through the Bluetooth connection. I recommend installing it on the memory card (if you have one) in case you have a low-memory phone. This will probably take its toll on the speed of the device when you open an application installed on the memory card, but you`ll have more internal memory left. Of course, you can place it in the phone`s memory if you want fast booting times for your apps. Hope i was able to help you...Thank you! (source: Cosmin Vasile)

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