Absinthe Jailbreak iOS 6 – 6.0.1 – 6.1

Absinthe Jailbreak IOS 6 – 6 0 1 – 6 1 – 5 1 1 UnTethered IPhone 5 unlock iphone 5 jailbreak ios 6 0 ios 6 0 1 6 1 5 1 1 download absinthe 2 0 4 untethered jailbreak ipad 3 2 1 and iphone 5 4s 4 3gs on ios 5 1 ios absinthe jailbreak ios 6 – 6 0 1 – 6 1 – 5 1 1 untethered iphone 5

Finally Apple has announced the release of iOS 6 the reason that let us prepare a guide to show you how to jailbreak your iOS 6 using redsn0w on A4 Devices tethered on Windows / Mac version.

Jailbreak iOS 6 On iPhone, iPad, iPod Using Redsn0w

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Jailbreak iPhone 5 on iOS 6 Done Yes, you read it right; Apples most amazing iPhone is Jailbroken on the very first day of its launch. Few minutes ago, Grant Paul aka Chpwn tweeted that Taller Screens like Cydia Too and he also uploaded a screenshot of Jailbroken iPhone 5 with Cydia in it. The uploaded screenshot has five rows and confirms the display of iPhone 5.

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UnTethered Jailbreak iOS 6 Done again,We have already posted that Chpwn uploaded a screenshot of Jailbroken iPhone 5. Yes, he got his iPhone jailbroken but he didnt post any further details about iOS 6 and iPhone 5 Jailbreak. The day before yesterday, Chpwn also updated the Jailbrea.kr a website which tells about the status of iOS jailbreak. He updated under the section of iOS 6 as Nothing available right now.

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Official Factory IMEI Unlock for iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G on iOS 4.x, iOS 5.x, iOS 6.x on any Baseband or Bootloader with Official Apple iTunes permanent Unlock.
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Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 On iPhone And iPod Touch Using Sn0wbreeze 2.9.7 -The iOS 6.0.1 update arrived just a day before the release of the much-anticipated iPad Mini and the 4th Generation iPad. All it brought was a handful of bug fixes but still a lot of people like to keep their iOS device updated as after all, those bug fixes do improve the iOS experience but unfortunately, the lack of a reliable jailbreak keeps them from updating. Well we are happy to write that Sn0wbreeze 2.9.7 has finally been updated to include iOS 6.0.1 support for Jailbreaking pre-A5 devices such as iPhone 3GS, 4 and iPod Touch 4G. Read more

Download iOS 6.1 beta 2 For Developers -Last week, as we posted that Apple released iOS 6.1 beta 1 for the developers. One of the major things in this beta was the Map kit and fixing of many maps. Its been less than a month that iPhone 5 and iOS 6 are out. We have seen very criticizing over the iOS 6 maps. But due to this update, we see that Apple has improved things very fast. Read more

Download Sn0wbreeze v2.9.7 To Jailbreak iOS 6 and iOS 6.0.1 -We have already posted a step by step tutorial to Jailbreak Pre-A5 devices like iPhone 4, 3GS using Redsn0w. But there is an alternate to Jailbreak your Pre-A5 devices. Yes, Using Sn0wbreeze, you can Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad on Windows. Till yesterday, Sn0wbreeze didnt support the iOS 6 and iOS 6.0.1. Read more

Apple And HTC Agree On A Global Settlement For Patent Disputes -Android, currently the number one smartphone OS in the world, has been the main reason behind a lot of patent disputes between Apple and Android manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and Motorola. Many claim that Android copied Apple and Steve Jobs wanted to wage thermonuclear war on it and perhaps thats why, companies like Apple and Android OEMs have never been the best of pals. A recent court ruling even led to Apple crediting a Billion Dollar from Samsung. And in an unlikely turn of events, Apple and HTC have both announced today that they have reached a global settlement on all patent litigation, effectively dismissing all patent-related lawsuits between the two tech-giants. Read more

ImmediateSend Quickly Send SMS From Anywhere On Your iPhone Jailbreaking really opens up the Apple-locked world allowing you to use your iPhone to the max and those masses of tweaks available in Cydia are certainly a great treat. The iPhone is a great device for multi-tasking but it really gets irksome when you are deep into Infinity Blade or something and want to send a quick reply, ImmediateSend does that for you. Read more

iOS 6.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak Getting Closer for iPhone 4, 4S, 5, iPad mini /2 / 3 / 4thGenerationand iPod touch 4G, 5G -We have already posted that users can Jailbreak their older iDevices such as iPhone 3Gs, 4 and iPod Touch on iOS 6 and iOS 6.0.1 but we have not heard any news about the Jailbreak of newer devices with A5, A5X and A6 iPhone 4S, 5, iPad 2, 3 and 4, and iPad mini. And the jailbreak for older devices is only the tethered Jailbreak. Well, the great news is that it seems we are close to the release of the new Jailbreak for new iDevices and obviously it will be an untethered Jailbreak. Read more

iPhone 5 Jailbreak is Grim P0sixninja On Something Bigger- The new iPhone 5 has been an incremental upgrade from its predecessor as this is the first time Apple has increased the size of the iPhones screen. A lot of Apple fans got their shiny new iPhones by lining up outside an Apple Store or by pre-ordering them beforehand, and possibly, most of them are looking to jailbreak the iPhone 5. The jailbreak chances have gone scarce since Comex left the jailbreak-Dev team and as always, Apple keeps ramping up the security of iOS making it more difficult. So it is because of these hurdles that P0sixninja is saying that the chances of iPhone 5 seem grim. Read more

Apples Facetime Over Cellular Now available With AT&T FaceTime, Apples preferred video-calling solution, hasnt been as big an hit as Skype but still some Apple fans keep using it and it came as a disappointment when AT&T announced plans to charge for FaceTime over Cellular. A lot of users protested this and finally AT&T has caved in and has changed its plans to charge for FaceTime over LTE. Read more

Download iOS 6.0.1 For Cellular iPad Mini And 4th Generation -Apples newest tablets, the iPad Mini and the 4th Generation iPad got launched on 23rd September along with a handful of other products. The release date for the Wi-Fi model was 2nd November, while the cellular model was scheduled for release in Mid-November. With 5 days to go till the 15th of November, the Cupertino-based tech giant has already prepared the stage for those new arrivals, as the newest version of iOS, iOS 6.0.1, is already available for download for the Cellular iPad Mini and iPad 4. Read more

Absinthe 3.0 Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 6 is Fake ! -Jailbreaking an iDevice is one of the main things which every iOS user wants. This is the reason which have also led many people to create fake websites and software about Jailbreak. These software can be used for different purposes. There are tons of websites on the internet which are selling the Jailbreak even though it is absolutely free of cost. Another reason is to spread the virus to affect a PC or MAC. One of the main reasons is to earn money via placing Ads behind the download links. Read more

iPhone 5 Touch Screen Problems Bad For Game Developers iPhone 5 was released on 12th September and it was the first time Apple made the jump from a 3.5 Inch display to a 4 Inch one. This was a much-needed upgrade as the competitors were going out of their way in giant sized screens (read 5.5 Inch Galaxy Note II). But apparently, that upgrade has resulted as some glitches. A game developer, CMA Megacorp has just highlighted a new screen glitch issue in the iPhone 5s screen. Read more

iSiri Smart watch Concept-Siri, the awesome little Artificial Intelligence from Apple, has been made more intelligent and functional by those loads of tweaks and apps. Besides that, Apple fanatics have long since dreamed of a release of an iWatch, a watch concept from Apple. Mix both those things and you get an ultimate personal assistant that is always at the ease of your wrist. That is what this new concept strives to achieve, and we have to agree that this would be a really awesome product if Apple manages to release this. Read more

Twitter hacked Accounts Were Compromised- Twitter, the massive micro-blogging social network, is reported to be hacked early today. Apparently a lot of accounts have been compromised and if you received an email to change your Twitter password, dont ignore it as it is not a phishing attempt. Many Twitter users are reporting that upon log-in, they are asked to reset their passwords because their accounts may have been compromised. Read more

NowNow Replace Siri With Google Voice Search -Siri is a very useful little Artificial Intelligence assistant that lets you perform tasks by speaking to your phone but not all are happy with it, as after all, Siri is still in Beta and has a lot of bugs and issues. Besides that, Google fans also prefer Google Search over Siri and thanks to the new Google Search update with those awesome voice recognition tech and speedy response times, it makes it an equal competitor to Siri. A new jailbreak tweak has been just released into Cydia that allows you to replace Siri with Google Search. Read more

Sherif Hashim Trusts IMEI Unlock Webiste Mostly iPhones bought from carriers are SIM-locked so they cant be used on any other carriers unless they are officially unlocked by the carrier or by any other software.

The reason behind locking phones is that carriers offer phones at a subsidized price to customers in exchange for a contract to pay for the use of the network for a specified time period, usually between one and three years. For example, the iPhone 5 costs $199 on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint for the16GBmodel for a 2-year contract. Phones can be unlocked by paying a small fee to the carrier for breaking the contract but where can i find the trusted IMEI unlock website ? Read more

iPad Mini 2 To Have A Retina Display Rumor -It has barely been 15 days when I was sitting on my PC and browsing for latest iPad Mini leaks and rumors before Apple finally unveiled the iPad mini. Just like the leaks and rumors, the iPad Mini had an A5 processor, a 7.9 Inch 1028768 non-retina screen and a price tag of $329. And already we are hearing rumors of the iPad Mini 2(or whatever the heck Apple will call it) which will possibly have a Retina display. Read more

Sprint Looking To Buy US Cellular For $480 Million -The No.3 carrier in the US, Sprint, is not in a good position these days as it just announced a loss of $767 Million in the third quarter of 2012. Even though that is a notable improvement from the whopping $1.38 Billion net loss in the Q2, but still things are not improving at a rate which Sprint would like. So it is looking to turn things around by some new acquisitions, as it just bought Clearwire for $20 Billion and now there are talks about Sprint looking to buy US Cellular. Read more

iPad 4th Generation is back In-stock in Apple Store -Apples latest 4th-Generation iPad, which got some minor tweaks over its predecessor, went on sale on 2nd November along with the iPad Mini and like every Apple product, it is selling like hot cakes. Apple has just announced that it sold a whopping 3 Million iPads in three days (though most of them were iPad Minis). The 4th-Gen iPad was being listed by Apple with a one week waiting period until now, as the iPad 4 is in stock at Apples online stores. Read more

iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad 3 untethered Jailbreak On iOS 6 Status -We havereceived manycommentsfrom our fans asking about the iPhone 4S untethered jailbreak on iOS 6.x so wedecidedto show you whats going on the jailbreak communityall over the web, the Jailbreak hackers are working pretty fast, we have already posted that iPhone 5 was Jailbrokenon iOS 6 on the very same day of its release. Although this Jailbreak was dubbed as Failbreak because it was far away from the public release. This Jailbreak is only available for the developers and we are not sure about the public release of this Jailbreak. Read more

Facebook New Update With Quick Chat Tab, Multiple Photo Sharing -Facebooks app has been one of the most criticized app on iOS as well as Android, so Facebook seems to be doubling down in its attempts to remove that title from its name as it has again updated the Facebook for iOS app with a couple of new features and UI changes. Facebook has just released Facebook 5.1 for iOS adding more messaging features as well as multi-photo uploading capability. Read more

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