7 Hidden Galaxy Note 2 Features

7 Hidden Galaxy Note 2 Features feb 27 2013 here are 7 galaxy note 2 features that let users do more with the galaxy note 2 without the need to buy any new apps or accessories 7 hidden galaxy note 2 features

Samsung packs a number of Galaxy Note 2 features into their category leading phablet, many of which are hidden in menus or settings.

These Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hidden features allow users to do more with their smartphone without the need to buy apps or accessories.

Though we do have a great roundup of Galaxy Note 2 accessories that will help users be more productive and enjoy the Galaxy Note 2 better.

For more check out our guide to Mobile productivity on the Galaxy Note 2 and our full Galaxy Note 2 review.

Here are some of the lesser known Galaxy Note 2 features we discovered while using the Verizon Galaxy Note 2.

Turn Over to Cancel Calls & Pause Music

The motion sensor in the Galaxy Note 2 can sense when the phone is turned over and can mute an incoming call or turn music off. This feature is great for dismissing a call while in a meeting or grabbing lunch with a friend.
Turn the Galaxy Note 2 over to mute a call or pause music.
Turn the Galaxy Note 2 over to mute a call or pause music.

To turn this on, go to Settings -> Motion -> Turn over to mute/pause -> Check this box.

While you are here, lets turn on several other Galaxy Note 2 features that are tucked into the Galaxy Note 2 settings.

Dial by Picking Up the Phone

Galaxy Note 2 users who are constantly jumping between messages or contacts and the call screen should turn on Direct Dial. With Direct dial, the Galaxy Note 2 senses when the phone is close to your face and will call the contact or person who you are messaging with.
Make a phone call by picking up the Galaxy Note 2.
Make a phone call by picking up the Galaxy Note 2.

To turn this on, go to Settings -> Motion -> Direct call -> Check this box.

Use Two Apps at Once

The Galaxy Note 2 lets owners use two apps at the same time with Multi-Window View. If this mode is not turned on, pull down the notification window and slide the settings widget right to left and tap on the Multi-Window icon. The video below shows how to use Multi-Window view on the Galaxy Note 2.

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