Your source for Galaxy Note 2 rooting, custom ROMs, and more!

GalaxyNote2Root-com – Your Source For Galaxy Note 2 Rooting international galaxy note 2 gt-n7100 t-mobile galaxy note 2 sgh-t889 at t no worries root and install this saurom rom with multi-view feature even better this rom comes with multi-window control app that allows you to any apps... View detail

Apple iPhone 5 Review And 4G Speed Test: The Best And Worst iPhone Ever

Apple IPhone 5 Review And 4G Speed Test The Best And Worst sep 25 2012 people waited in line for days all over the world to get their hands on the iphone 5 is it truly the next worthy chapter in the successful book of ip apple iphone 5 review and 4g speed test the best and worst People waited in line... View detail

Protip For Facebook Stalkers: A Shortcut For Seeing Who Someone Interacts With Most

Protip%u5C0D%u65BCFacebook %u6F5B%u884C%u8005 %u770B%u5230%u67D0%u4EBA 2011%u5E7412%u67086%u65E5%u5FEB%u8A0Afacebook %u7684%u5FEB%u6377%u65B9%u5F0F%u6709%u4E00%u500B%u6975%u597D%u7684%u5DE5%u5177%uFF0C%u53EF%u4EE5%u8B93%u4F60%u770B%u5230%u4E00%u500B%u4EBA%u6700%u591A39%u79D2%u7684%u670B%u53CB%u9ED8%u8A8D%u60C5%u6CC1%u4E0B%uFF0C%u6309%u5B57%u6BCD%u9806%u5E8F%u5217%u51FA%u4E00%u500B%u7D66%u5B9A%u7684%u7528%u6236%u4EA4%u4E92%uFF0C%u4F46%u670939%u662F%u6211%u81EA%u5DF1%u7684%u5217%u8868%u5728%u53F3%u908A%u5305%u62EC%u642D%u914D%u4E00%u4E9B%u6211%u6700%u89AA%u5BC6%u7684%u670B%u53CB%uFF0C%u6211%u53EA%u662F%u60F3%u5728%u6211%u7684%u597D%u53CB%u5217%u8868%u548C%u6C92%u6709%u7684%u5973%u5B69%uFF0C%u621139%u7C73%u76EF%u68A2%u7684%u5FEB%u6377%u65B9%u5F0F%u770B%u5230%u8AB0%u6709%u4EBA%u751A%u81F3%u9084%u6253%u7834%u4E86%u7684%u524D10... View detail

How does facebook determine “orderedfriends” in source code?

How Does Facebook Determine Orderedfriends In Source Code how does facebook determine quot ordere 33 – is the quot orderedfriends quot listed on facebook source are the people that view my profile the most or the ones that i how does facebook determine orderedfriends in source code Solutions ... View detail

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review – Recombu oct 8 2012 the samsung galaxy note 2 promises style power s-pen and not so on our audio home screen the four shortcuts were spotify a long press of the back button will pull up this customisable side bar that can simply be samsung galaxy note 2... View detail

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how to view your top facebook stalkers heed How to view your Top Facebook Stalkers As you may or may not know Facebook dispenses a

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Hewlett-Packard or HP apparently ready to release tablet HP Windows 8 called HP ElitePad 900. HP plans ElitePad 900 to fill company segment. Although HP ElitePad 900 is a tablet office, on the contrary the majority that is used by the HP Windows 8 has a good quality quality. The tablet uses the majority resistant water droplets, dust resistant and withstand extreme temperatures. HP Windows 8 ElitePad 900 Ready To Release HP Windows 8 weighs 1.5 pounds, with a thickness of 9.2 mm. Although HP ElitePad...
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Recycling mobiles a mammoth task

AUSTRALIANS are hoarding further than 22 million unwanted mobile phones despite a national service that wish recycle the old handsets free of charge. Excluding the scheme, funded by the mobile ring industry, cannot afford to recycle them each and every one and a prominent environmentalist has accused the group of failing to do as much as it ought to to collect and reuse the massive stockpile. Recycling mobiles a mammoth task The recycling program, Mobile Muster, is run by the Australian Mobile Telecommunications...
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